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Alignment Sheets in CAD.  Fast.  Powerful.  Adaptable.

Creating extremely accurate, highly detailed alignment sheets has never been easier. A powerful database and streamlined interfaces accelerate your workflow and enable you to process changes faster than ever.

Looking for alignment sheets out of ArcGIS?  Check out LIGHTNING.



  • Streamlined interfaces get you to sheet gen faster
  • Edit virtually every element on your sheet
  • Automated Plan View
  • Automated Profile Band
  • Automated Chainage Bands
  • Automated TOP Bands
  • Automated NG Bands
  • Automated DOC Bands
  • Automated Stationing Bands
  • Automated Ownership Bands
  • Automated Materials and Event Features Bands
  • Automated Environmental Bands
  • Automated PI Bands
  • Automated Crossing Bands
  • Automated Deflection Angle Bands
  • Automated Bill of Materials Table
  • Automated PI Table
  • Automatically inserts North Arrow
  • Writes to a Microsoft Access database for portability and easy deployment
  • Enterprise version of Skyline writes to SQL Server for fast report generation and data management
  • Smart Groups create optimized viewport layouts with a click
  • Insert Points from a csv directly into your dwg
  • Generate Linework off of points
  • Includes the MatGen extension to process and draw complex material data
  • Includes the ProGen extension to draw and manage multiple profile surface
  • Compatible with csv and Map Object data
  • Dynamic previews help you get settings right the first time
  • Generate sheets left to right, and right to left
  • Compatible with metric and Imperial units


Benefits to You

  • Create alignment sheets fast
  • Dramatically increase productivity
  • Process changes extremely quickly
  • Reduce the duplication of effort
  • Increase the value of your deliverable
  • All data is written to a project database for easy management
  • Data is loadable into PODS


get trained in skyline.

Get the skills you need at Skyline Open Training.  This three day course is open to the public and hosted at the BSD offices.  Learn the core processes for generating alignment sheets quickly in Skyline, and get up to date on the latest and greatest features and toolsets that the application has to offer.  

This course is appropriate for new and advanced users.  Trainees should arrive with basic familiarity with alignment sheets and pipeline survey data.

Open Training is held about once per month.  Space is limited and the each class is typically fully booked, so reserve your spot as soon as possible.  Find the next available class here.

Contact for reservations.