REV maximized the return on investment for your midstream pipeline assets.  By allowing you to process data as fast as you need it, and removing technological barriers, REV enables you to achieve compliance quicker and boost the value of your gathering system.

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revolutionizing pipeline data

REV is the fastest and most adaptable geospatial asset manager in the pipeline industry.  Designed for the fast-paced midstream sector, REV has pushed the boundaries of GIS technology and has broken down the barriers to compliance.  Now you can process field data faster, manage assets more easily, and maximize the value of your system.


max out your net worth.


Achieve a higher ROI

With REV you have the right tools to outline and address asset liability accurately, enabling you to get the most value out of your pipeline infrastructure.  With knowledge of your pipeline system, comes confidence in knowing its value.

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Make cost-saving decisions

Traditional data models restrict you to viewing only active lines.  REV makes it possible to view your active, developing and future systems all at the same time.  This allows you to better plan strategically and make critical cost-saving decisions.  REV can even run alongside PODS Spatial or other enterprise data models to supplement the gaps that traditional data models miss.


The Speed of Midstream™


Get field data fast

REV provides the fastest solution for visualizing and checking survey data.  The sooner you know what's happening in the field, the better you can plan, prepare and respond to changes.

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Instant maps online

By integrating with the included REV Online or your own company's web portal, you can have design, construction and active production maps available online immediately.  Utilizing REV's spatial database component and Arc Server you have control over who sees what, and when.


Removal of technical barriers

REV automatically and instantly takes care of the nitty gritty process of transferring data between the CAD, GIS and SQL environments.  This mean that when a particular group in your company needs a particular format of data, it's already available.

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Fastest implementation time

Not only does REV work quickly, its also very easy to setup.  Traditional pipeline GIS systems can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to implement.  REV can be implemented in as little as 10 days, so you can get back to production.

your data now works for you.


Not the other way around

No need to implement high-dollar systems that chain you to old technology and expensive workflows.  REV makes your data extremely adaptable so you can use it the way that you need it.  

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Work with your skill set

By utilizing a smart central data center, CAD and GIS can collaborate on a level never before seen.  Projects, alignments, surfaces, crossings and more can all be made instantly available to both groups.  REV breaks down the barriers between CAD and GIS, allowing you to work faster and more effectively as a team.


Maintain your data, not your overhead

With the included tools such as the Pipeline Asset Manager (PAM) you can edit, update and maintain your assets with a small team.  Built-in constraints ensure that the integrity of the data is upheld while the intuitive interface guides the user through the process.

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Quick customizable report generation

These powerful tools also make reporting out of the database extremely easy.  Publish high quality, professional documents in almost any format.  Reports are totally customizable and establishing a unique standard for your company or department is simple.


Mapping made easy

REV integrates with Skyline Enterprise and Lightning Enterprise to make alignment sheet generation fast and easy.  The intuitive process and control over virtually the entire sheet produces pristine documents while simultaneously QC'ing and processing your data.

Moving at the Speed of Midstream

Publish it online

With REV Online all of your centerline data is available to publish to an internal intranet, or to an external website.  The control is in your hands.  REV can also easily push data onto your existing web portal.



Included Software

REV is a turnkey solution that comes packaged with ready-to-use tools, right out of the box. 

Pipeline Asset Manager

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The Pipeline Asset Manager is a powerful tabular data manager.  With PAM you can easily maintain record of your assets and generate beautiful, customizable reports. 

REV Online

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With REV Online, publishing maps and reports to the web is a snap.  Configure it to display operations maps, design maps or construction maps.

Lightning Enterprise

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Lightning Enterprise creates alignment sheets in Arc faster and more easily than any other tool on the market.  REV integration multiplies its power by allowing close collaboration with CAD.  Learn more here.

Skyline Enterprise

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Skyline Enterprise is the most powerful CAD alignment sheet tool ever created.  When integrated with REV, Skyline takes collaboration with GIS to a level never before seen.  Learn more here.

REV Loader

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REV Loader easily loads deliverables from the field into the REV data center.  Intuitive controls and detailed feedback makes it a fast process.  

Template Wizard

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Template Wizard makes alignment sheet template creation for Lightning quick and easy.  Responsive previews help you build smartly and save time. 

Moving at the Speed of Midstream