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KYPER is the all-new class location and HCA software extension for ArcMap that works as the midstream solution for generating and maintaining traceable, verifiable, and complete records.


The Midstream Solution for TVC Records

  • Automate the analytics of all variations of class location criteria, including Type B gathering and anticipated MCAs.

  • Document results precisely with built-in integration to our LIGHTNING suite of alignment sheet generating tools.
  • Identify critical causes of class transitions and develop prioritized workflows for refining input data resolution.
  • Plan for future potential class changes by refining parameters to view customizable near-class thresholds.

User-friendly for Speed, Flexibility, and Accuracy

  • View an easy-to-read confirmation of your custom settings before running the analysis.

  • Be able to store pipeline and structure file paths, search distances, queries, and nomenclature.
  • Be able to check recent inputs and saved settings for:
    • Defined paths with positive responses
    • Defined paths with no positive responses
    • Definitions not provided
  • KYPER creates a self-contained data package that provides a snapshot of all relevant input data, output results, and analytical settings specific to each use.

Watch the Process in Real Time

  • The core information window shows users the sequential analytical processes as they are executed.
  • Deconstruct and validate final results by quickly viewing the layered outputs of each sequential process.
  • Feature classes are automatically imported into the current .mxd as they are created.
  • Tables created are added to the list by Source TOC and are automatically displayed as route events.