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the premier pipeline data dashboard

DASH provides an easy-to-use interface to your pipeline data.  Included is an entire suite of data management tools for validation and reporting during every phase of a pipeline's life, from preliminary study, through construction to maintenance and integrity management. DASH runs off of the REV database, the most flexible data structure in pipeline.

Each tab within DASH provides a powerful set of tools, each with an intuitive interface to access data.  This toolset has been used to streamline pipeline field survey, maintenance, integrity and procurement data management and reporting requirements.


survey data validation

Field Survey

Survey data can be imported directly into the database from survey techs in the field or from a central office.

Data validation tools greatly speed up the QA/QC process.  Data Techs can identify a myriad of problems on a granular level and are given tools to rectify issues on the spot.

Data Techs or Supervisors can use DASH's incredibly simple report generator to build and generate custom reports on the fly.


Operations and Maintenance

Commission and decommission assets safely and securely with an intuitive interface.  Validation automatically occurs to ensure data integrity.

Easily incorporate new as-builts into the GIS system using the built in bulk loader.  Data validation occurs automatically and a complete transaction log is created for each load.

Dash data management tool