Expert Pipeline Consulting Services

BSD Consulting, Inc. can offer a wide range of solutions for many of the challenges that pipeline operators have or will likely encounter during the course of their business. As companies grow and expand their footprint, new technology and processes are implemented in an effort to keep up with their needs. Unfortunately, many times, these processes become disconnected as they are put in place by different departments and the tools are purchased from a variety of vendors. The short term goals prevail over the long term vision. This obviously leads to inefficiencies, confusion, duplication of efforts, unnecessary costs, inconsistent deliverables, potential regulatory compliance issues and a host of other undesirable situations.

From a neutral, “outside looking in” perspective, we are able to identify these problem areas and bring consistency to your processes, develop new tools or streamline your current ones, organize your datasets, and bridge communication gaps. We can help automate the day to day tasks, so you can focus on the big picture. With decades of combined experience in the pipeline industry, we are the experts on establishing efficient workflows that maximize the output and utilize your asset data to its fullest potential company-wide.



GIS Database Implementation

  • Consolidate your pipeline asset data to a manageable, scalable database that will support all departments in your company
  • Perform needs assessment based on existing data, format and sources to recommend appropriate solution
  • Assist with the design of your GIS database allow for growth and future needs
  • Manage implementation and data loading to the GIS platform
  • Provide on-going support and monitor advancements within ESRI to ensure the latest technology is utilized

Legacy Conversion Tools

  • Perform needs assesment and recommendations for your unique requirements
  • Pilot new workflows for proof-of-concept
  • Training and education on tools and requirements

Pipeline Data Lifecycle Management

  • Education on birds-eye-view of the flow of pipeline data from cradle to grave
  • Recommendations for drafting, survey and data delivery standards
  • Recommendations and training for high quality QA/QC